La R.P. Grassi Alimentare has operated since 1980. Its factory is situated in S.Mauro Pascoli, an area of Romagna with a famous gastronomic tradition.

The use of pig fat for the preparation of piadine, seasoned bread, cracklings, various kinds of cold meats and salami, is a tradition still alive in the research of genuine and tasty cooking, close to farming origin. Here, the products are made with the spirit of that time: lard without chemical additives and with no preservatives, but obtained only by pig body fat stewed melting.

The use of mild technology, i.e. low temperature fusion, enables to process raw materials, coming from highly selected Italian slaughterhouses and workshops with EEC approval, maintaining unchanged the natural proprieties and obtaining a product with high stability and nutrition.

Thanks to our commitment we have created a system of quality which follows the ISO 9001/2000 standards of DNV authority, guaranteeing to our customers a highly organization and qualitative standard.

The pure natural Strutto (pig Lard), the Struttolio (a mix of lard and olive oil), the Emulsified products, the Strutto Dorì (Dorì Lard) represent a complete baking, confectionery and gastronomy product line.