without preservatives or additives

obtained from a low temperature melting without further chemical treatments

quality and taste guaranteed r.p. grassi alimentare

organic lardorganic

R.P. Grassi alimentare fat is obtained by melting at low temperature (mild tecnology) of the tissues adipose of pork, a process that allows the product to preserve its organoleptic characteristics unaltered of the raw material.

The so obtained lard has a high stability as it is not subjected to further treatments if not only centrifugation and decantation; for this reason, in products in which special bread is used, piadine, pizzas and sweets gives high stability and palatability. Its organoleptic qualities in fact attribute to each finished product unique flavors and aromas, as our tradition teaches us not by chance. Observing the growing request for natural and organic products we have obtained organic certification, with the aim of proposing a lard that is even more natural than our natural lard: Organic Strutto, a product completely devoid of additives and preservatives, which comes from a carefully selected biological raw material. Thanks to the organic lard they will be able to produce piadine, special breads, pizzas and organic pastries, for professional and domestic use, without having to renounce the sensory characteristics and properties of a noble fat such as lard.