Free from preservatives and hydrogenated fats

suitable for those who chose a diet without ingredients of animal oigin

palm oil free

quality and taste guaranteed by r.p. grassi alimentare

Olidelì is an emulsified product, based on oils and vegetable fats; it is obtained from carefully selected primary ingredients to create a semi-processed product that can suit the specific needs of a client who is particularly attentive to the quality of the finished product. A mixture of high quality fats such as extra virgin olive oil and cocoa butter together with sunflower oil, that make more than 60% of the finished product. Olidelì is born with the aim of providing the user with a completely vegetable fat that ensures fragrance and flavor to the finished product. Its oils and fats, together with water and sugars, create an ideal mix for the production of bread, pizza and confectionery, biscuits and cakes.